SXSW: First Day – First LOOK!

By Laurie Coker

SXSW went into full swing yesterday afternoon and after interviewing the gracious cast of Premature, including Alan Tudyk, intern Nikki May and I grabbed pizza slices on the run and headed to the red carpet to meet the cast and crew of Chef, a delightful, funny and yes, super cute and fun film starring, written and directed by Jon Favearu and co-starring John Lequizamo and youngster and scene stealer Emjay Anthony. On carpet, the cast and others pleased us with tales from the set, insight into characters and whet our pallets with stories of glorious food! I hope to soon have more details and more time to share before too long, but for now, I offer a few highlights of day one and a peek at day two.

After such a brilliant start to the festival, Nikki and I found ourselves outside the Topher to see Bad Words, starring Justin Bateman, about a hundred seats shy of getting in. It seems that line jumpers, a new volunteer and a few other elements aligned to keep us from our second film of the festival. Disappointed, we turn away and ended our first day earlier than expected.

This morning after scoring SXXpress passes for Veronica Mars, Neighbors and Predestination, we headed to the press suite for a quick massage and some needed hot beverages. We have a few more interviews today and some high hopes for no more entry issues and line jumpers. The Paramount is always a pretty safe bet, so come on down for onsite tickets or head out to the Alamo at Lakeline for a red carpet affair with the cast of Veronica Mars and a special screening TONIGHT!

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