The Valet, a HULU Original premieres today Friday, May 20th, and it is a remake of a 2006 French film “La Doublure” that starred Daniel Auteuil and Kristin Scott Thomas. The new film is directed by Richard Wong (Come As You Are) and written by Rob Greenberg (Meet Dave) and Bob Fisher (Wedding Crashers). In the starring roles are Australian actress Samara Weaving (Nine Perfect Strangers, Bill and Ted Face the Music) as the diva actress Olivia Allan. Mexican-born actor Eugenio Derbez (CODA) is Antonio, the valet who is approached by Olivia’s team and some lawyers to help her avoid a PR mess.

The story sounds like it may be a predictable rom-com, but with the ensemble cast and the comedic talent in the film, some of the predictability can be overlooked. It is especially great to have Derbez act alongside the late Mexican actress Carmen Salinas as Cecilia, his mother, who both provide so many enjoyable and humorous moments. It is hard not to keep from laughing out loud with some of the lines I am sure Derbez rewrote for the script, as the film has a substantial dialogue in Spanish (with English subtitles) so everyone can understand the humor. Already a star in Mexico from years of acting/writing/producing, Derbez gained wide notice as the music teacher in the Oscar-winning film CODA, and previously for his film Instructions Not Included. Derbez also serves as a producer along with Ben Odell for The Valet.

The romantic comedy features an ensemble cast including Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad), Max Greenfield (New Girl) as Vincent, Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) as Benny, Marisol Nichols (Riverdale) as Isabel, Ravi Patel (Meet the Patels), Noemí González (The Young and the Restless) as Clara and Wilmer Calderon (Bosch) as Hugo, Diany Rodriguez as Natalie, Armando Hernández as Rudy, Ravi Patel as Kapoor, Tiana Okoye as Amanda, John Pirruccello as Stegman, Lunay as a limo driver, Carlos Santos as Javier, and Milena Rivero as Sofia, among many others.

About: When Olivia is caught by the paparazzi with a wealthy, married businessman (Greenfield), her press agents put out the story that she is dating the valet who was getting her car. Antonio agrees to play along, accepting the money he is offered to help his immigrant family, which includes a wife he is separated from (Nichols), their teen son (Joshua Vasquez) and his aging and saucy mother (beloved actress Carmen Salinas Lozano who died in December at age 82). Antonio becomes the envy of his friends and fellow valets when he is suddenly dating a beautiful movie star.
Wong has worked on several Hollywood projects as a director of photography and a few features. The great look of The Valet the director achieved is with cinematographer Mateo Londono, as they filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and Heitor Pereira composed the musical score. The Valet had a Hollywood premiere with cast and crew at the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre and a premiere in Mexico City this month. The Valet is rated PG-13 and premieres on Hulu Friday, May 20. Check HULU for more information.

Source: Hulu Original, Production Company – 3Pas Studios

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