TV Show: Sprung

Where is the humor in Covid and the events that transpired in 2022? Sprung, a new television series from writer and producer Gregory Thomas Garcia (My Name is Earl and Guestbook), does find humor in elements caused by a worldwide pandemic. Playing on the release of non-violent prisoners set free because of the Corona Virus, Garcia shows what might have happened to offenders who the virus gave a second chance. With an excellent cast and cast of characters, Sprung is a breath of fresh air – no mask required.

If there is one protagonist in the series, it is Jack, played by Garrett Dillahunt, a man who spent 26 years of a 30 sentence for dealing marijuana in his teens. For part of his incarceration, he shares a cell with “Rooster” (Phillip Garcia), a petty thief. He speaks (wooing) to another inmate, Gloria (Shakira Barrera) – housed in the women’s block of the prison for the crime of fraud. When they find themselves free with only $40 and their original belongings, the trio is taken in by Rooster’s mother, Barb (Martha Plimpton). Together, these less-than-honorable citizens begin an oddball series of crimes to pass the time, do good, and make ends meet. Jack, who wants to go straight and be reunited with his parents, justifies their dalliances by giving back to others.  

Wonderfully, the entire cast has impeccable harmony and timing. Garcia does a beautiful job capturing his cast’s best qualities and talents. Dillahunt and Plimpton played alongside each other in the hilarious TV series Raising Hope, and they bring the same comic chemistry to their roles in Sprung – with impeccable delivery. Plimpton is a shining star in this, and her delivery of the witty lines afforded to her is flawless.

Sprung is a must-watch, binge-worthy addition to television. The lowbrow humor and tasteless jokes work because of Garcia’s extraordinarily clever and quality writing. Garcia manages a wholly entertaining show about poor folks that doesn’t disrespect poor people. Best yet, Garcia has devised a show that is a little quirky, a little zany, and his characters provide some genuine moments of pure hilarity. Stream it now and enjoy the silliness.

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