By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3 (Out of 4 Stars)

Now available for streaming through Amazon Prime is an amiable and heartwarming romantic comedy that should help pass your quarantine time quite gently. As what happens to a lot of indie films, What Love Looks Like deserves more attention than what it is getting. Writer/director Alex Magana actually reached out to me through social media in order to request a review. Well considering that the COVID -19 quarantine has caused a bit if a review drought for me, this review offer couldn’t have come at a better time.

Magana’s movie focuses on five, interwoven romance vignettes. Sam (Nathan Kohnen) is a lonely, still-in-mourning widower who simply cannot fathom life without his wife Willow (Gabriella Wisdom). That is, until he meets the sweet and adorable Evie (Ashley Rose McKenna). Nichole (Kate Durocher) yearns for a stronger romantic connection with her oblivious husband Owen (Josh Gilmer).

The shy, awkward and timid Theodore (Jack Menzies) has his eyes on the lovely Bailey (Ana Ming Bostwick-Singer) if he can only break out of his shell to make a live connection. The eager and smitten Finn (Kyle Meck) meets gorgeous student Penelope (Taylor Alexa Frank), but unfortunately their time together is limited, as Penelope plans to return home to England in just a few days. Last, but not least, both Summer (Jamie Shelnitz) and Calvin (Conor Wilkins) can’t seem to.catch a break when it comes to romance and dating. They even share an awkward hook up through a dating app that ends on a sour note. Things change, however, when they inadvertently reconnect through a different blind date app.

Though the movie has awkward pacing, lacks some character development, along with a certain degree of predictablility, I couldn’t help being charmed by this lovable rom-com with likable and relatable characters. There is enough character development and charisma from the actors portraying them to keep the audience invested in their fictional lives. I was particularly taken with Sam, the widower, and how he must overcome his grief to move on with his life.

Actor Nathan Kohnen, who portrays Sam, gives a rather touching and poignant performance in this role. I was also quite entertained with the goofy antics of shy guy Theodore and actor Jack Menzies nails the character superbly. Kate Durocher also gives a rather charming and lovable turn as the frustrated wife Nichole.

Though the movie has its issues, it still makes for an enjoyable piece of heartfelt entertainment. Considering all that is going on with the world right now, in addition to the fact that most of us are stuck in our homes, perhaps some sweet and charming love stories are just what we need.

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