2013 SXSW Film Recap: Mark’s Top 10

By Mark Saldana

I don’t recall doing a top ten list for any previous years that I attended SXSW Film. For some reason this year, it just felt right. I did not watch enough documentaries to make a separate top ten list, so I just made one, combining the two types of films. So without any further ado, here are my favorite films of the festival.

  1. Don Jon
  2. You’re Next
  3. Rewind This!
  4. I Am Divine
  5. Hey Bartender
  6. Cheap Thrills
  7. Spring Breakers
  8. Reality Show
  9. Downloaded
  10. Grow Up, Tony Phillips

Honorable Mentions: Zero Charisma, Sake Bomb, V/H/S/2, Maladies, Big Ass Spider

For more details on the above titles, please check out my reviews of these films, also in the TVR SXSW page.

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