2013 SXSW Review: BAD MILO

By Mark Saldana

Rating: 1.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

This, perhaps, is a movie I may actually need to watch again.  I realize that statement sounds surprising given my low rating; however, watching this movie again may uncover or reveal something missed during my first viewing.  Considering that the Duplass Brothers helped produce this film and a few critics have championed it, make me wonder what I missed.  During the screening at SXSW, the film basically relies on toilet humor and silly horror gags.  I found little amusing, entertaining or even enjoyable in this story about a man with a demonic monster in his intestines.

Ken (Ken Marino) has been having some gastrointestinal discomfort and problems. A trip to his doctor reveals that he has a large polyp in his colon. Ken soon comes to the painful realization that the polyp is actually a monster which can exit his body and attack anyone who torments him.

Written by Benjamin Hayes and Jacob Vaughn and directed by Vaughn, Milo obviously draws inspiration from Basket Case, Ghoulies, and Troma pictures.  The problem with this film, though, is that it lacks the morbid and campy charm that its inspirations have.  I love the cast, but the writing in Milo feels so contrived.  I did not enjoy too many laughs while watching the film. I simply sat in awe watching the absurdity. Ken Marino, Patrick Warburton (Phil), Gillian Jacobs (Ken’s wife Sarah), Peter Stomare (Highsmith) and Stephen Root (Roger) all deliver sincerely great performances, but have such crappy material with which to work.  No pun intended.

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