Whiplash, La La Land, and First Man are all movies that absolutely sold me on, and made me a fan of, filmmaker Damian Chazelle. So, I most definitely went into Babylon with great expectations. After sitting though the exhausting 189 minutes of Chazelle’s newest, I was reminded that almost every filmmaker has that one movie… Continue reading BABYLON


Musical artist biopics. Just saying those words aloud is certain to elicit eye rolls from some people, particularly film critics. To write, produce and direct any movie is no easy feat, but to do so about a real life musical artist makes the work so much more challenging. The problem simply is that the more… Continue reading I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY


Wildcat is the title of a new wildlife documentary that has a South American ocelotfeatured in this story of animal rescue in Peru. A young woman, Samantha Zwicker, leads a project to rescue wild animals threatened by poachers. The film has remarkable footage of the animals in the Peruvian forest, not only of the abandoned… Continue reading WILDCAT