Cinematters: NY Social Justice Film Festival 2020 Review: AMERICAN MUSLIM

By Mark Saldana

Rating: 3.5 (Out of 4 Stars)

Writer/director Adam Zucker offers a revealing, unsightful and positive documentary that focuses on five Muslim-american citizens. These people work hard and passionately to eliminate ignorance and dispel myths about their beloved religion and the cultures that practice it. Galvanized by the current Muslim immigration ban by President Donald Trump, the subjects of the film, through philanthropy, activivism, education, and openness, make wonderful contibutions to their communities to enact positive change in hopes of eliminating fear and hate. Based solely in New York City, the film and its subjects have grown tired of living in fear and wish to prove themselves as valuable citizens to the city and the nation.

I was rather impressed with not only the filmmaking of Zucker, but also the people in the documentary. These remarkable Muslim-american citizens have made sacrifices and have worked tirelessly to help the various cultures and ethnicities that practice Islam. In addition, each of these people practice peacefully and inclusively to educate non-Muslims. The film folows a mostly standard approach to the documentary storytelling, but the amazing personalities featured in it don’t need any extraordinary techniques or unusual methods to elevate them as outstanding people. The work that they do alone speaks volumes.

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