Fantasia Film Festival 2021: TVR’s First Time

By Mark Saldana

For the very first time, True View Reviews will be covering the Fantasia Film Festival. The reason I say this is because this year’s Fantasia has gone virtual this year, and TVR’s Liz Lopez and myself could not resist the opportunity to review more movies.

This year’s Canadian genre film festival has a wide variety of interesting and intriguing titles. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the festival and Liz and I are ecstatic about immersing ourselves into what it has to offer. The film festival officially begins on August 5, 2021 and will continue until the 25th. Liz and I have previously covered Fantastic Fest, which is our local and smaller-scaled version of Fantasia, so we are no strangers to the wonderful, exotic delights, frights, and thrills that a genre festival has to offer.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be posting our reviews of the various films we will be watching. For more information about Fantasia and this year’s 25th anniversary line-up, go to for more information. Until later, stay tuned for our reports and reviews on this year’s festival proceedings.

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