By Laurie Coker

Rating: A

Frozen II brings back an exceptional voice cast and does so with beautiful, vivid, animated CGI splendor.  The songs are spectacular although not quite as memorable as the first and the imagery ignites the senses. Staying true to the original’s themes of sisterhood and family, romance and comedy and action and adventure, Frozen II proves that Disney is still magic.

The sisters return and their human voice counterparts sing their hearts out. The songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez and composer Christophe Beck return to create a soundtrack as engaging as the first film and it garnered eight new songs. Thankfully, writers move the story of Anna and Elsa forward rather than rehash or develop the last storyline, which opens in the comfy land created in Frozen. Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) rules over the serene and flourishing city of Arendelle and her sister, Princess Anna (Kristen Bell), lives nearby and supports her.  Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), looks to proposed to Anna, but something always gets in the way. And finally, Olaf (Josh Gad) perpetually preserved by perma-frost, provides the comic relief.

Sequels are tough and Disney manages a refreshing and entertaining tale. Naturally, a threat exists and our heroes must band together to save their precious world. With her family and friends, Elsa passes through an eerie mist that surrounds the woods, where she must tame the forces of air, water, fire, and earth, to save her kingdom from sinister powers.  The elements are remarkable at the ends of these artists. Stunning animation with brilliant imagery makes every moment awe-inspiring. Perfect pacing, well-placed comedy, and stunning vocals please in every way.

Frozen II animator’s crystal-clear images with vibrant CGI look almost real-life, setting the bar higher than its been before. There is a pureness and a freshness to Frozen II. It even warrants a three-quel if Disney has one in the works. This beauty earns an A in the grade book.  

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