Review: TED 2

By Laurie Coker

Rating: F

Seth MacFarlane seems to love foul language and nasty crotch and potty humor. He masters the art of disgusting and try harder and harder in each of his film to shock his audiences. In is latest, the sequel to Ted, a story about a man and his teddy bear that came to life, he ops fro trashy over substance and story. In the first, because of its uniqueness and comical character, I forgave a great deal, but with Ted 2, a wholly idiotic film, I lost interest within the first five minutes of less. While people chortled around me, I sat in bored silence, except for a few slightly humorous moments.

The film opens on Ted’s (MacFarlane) wedding day where he marries pretty Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) and jumps to a year later where there is trouble in paradise. In an effort to save his marriage, the un- anatomically correct Teddy bear promises to make Tami-Lynn a mother.  He seeks out his best friend John Bennett (Mark Walberg) who help him steal Tom Brady’s sperm – in an extremely unfunny skit with the NFL pro. After several mishaps and an adoption fiasco that pegs Ted as a non-human, Bennett offers to be the donor, but Ted first needs to fight a case in court to prove he is human and not property. They are assigned cub-lawyer Samantha Jackson (Amanda Seyfried) who vows to win the case.

With bromance, romance, nasty gags and sperm spewing, Ted 2 offers little more than a few laughs and some decent cameos. Liam Neeson, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and as noted Tom Brady make appearances and Morgan Freeman offers up one of the slightly funny jokes – making me wonder what might compel these stars agree to do such filth. Its storyline falters, falling back on an old character, Donny (Giovanni Ribisi), and his desire to own (and destroy) Ted.

Ted, the original, surprised me with its humor in spite of the dirty bits, but Ted 2 relies too much on trashy, potty humor to qualify as entertainment. No one wants to see a man slide and flounder in a puddle of semen or hear a Teddy bear and his busty, ditzy wife bemoan the lack of a male appendage. It is simply not funny – it’s gross.  I am placing an F in my grade book, but I am not the target demographic and I know it.

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