By Liz Lopez

Rating: B+

Based on true life events, The Infiltrator, is quite suspenseful and a thriller that is very intense. Directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer), the screenplay by Ellen Brown Furman is based on Robert Manzur’s memoir as a law enforcement badass on the job, while managing a home filled with love from his wife and family of two. Although the job policies gave him an out with an opportunity to retire, not only does Manzur decide to stay on the job, but go deep and follow the money. In order to do so, he goes undercover, but his act is so good that he builds a persona that leads to managing and laundering money for Pablo Escobar’s operations in the 1980s.

While I was viewing the film, it was hard to remember that this is not just a made up story about the drug world, but in fact someone’s real life, however, fictionalized for the big screen. Cranston is absolutely fantastic in his portrayal of the loving husband, Robert Manzur, but the master of bad when he has to be as he transforms himself into Robert (Bob) Musella, the businessman. There is one scene where his wife unexpectedly has to play along and is witness to the duality of her husband’s life. I shivered to think what would happen if only one wrong word or move was noticed during those few minutes in front of the underworld “colleague”. Although film fans may not want to know about or see the gore and violence associated with this real life job, The Infiltrator is definitely a film to watch and learn what life is like on both sides of this world of supply and demand, from law enforcement to drug lords. This sting of reality is painful.

Among the cast is John Leguizamo who portrays Bob’s informer colleague, Emir Abreu, who is street smart and John’s performance is perfect as he has done so well in other films, with a hint of his own humor. Benjamin Bratt, looking suave and classy as Roberto Alcaino, was an associate within Escobar’s cartel, helping with the cash in the States. Elena Anaya (The Skin I Live In with Antonio Banderas) portrays Alcaino’s wife, Gloria, who gets along enormously well with Musella’s girlfrieind -soon to be wife, undercover agent Kathy Ertz (portrayed Diane Kruger). A bright spot in the film is viewing Olympia Dukakis perform as Bob’s Aunt Vicky in a limited, but enjoyable role. Among other list of extensive cast members are Amy Ryan, Jason Isaacs, Joseph Gilgun, Yul Vazquez, Art Malik, Carsten Hayes and Jordan Loughran.

Executive producers are Robert Mazur, Bryan Cranston, Norman Merry, Camela Galano, Kate Fasulo, Jill Morris, Peter Hampden, and Scott LaStaiti.

The Infiltrator opens in U. S. theaters on Wednesday, July 13.

Source: Broad Green Pictures

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