By Jan Hamilton

Among the funniest films at SXSW this year, this one is a real charmer. The bad idea that two slackers have is to rob a stranger’s vacant house to make a big score. They have a pretty good way to get into a gated community, and easily find a key outside the door. Once inside, the security system locks them in and the challenge is to escape.

Unexpectedly, they find a housesitter asleep, so they feel they must take her hostage until they are finished with the score.  As the caper continues, it becomes apparent that one of the thieves knows a lot about the owner of the residence.  How it all comes together, and the relationship that develops between the three, make for a lively, funny film.  Matt Jones is probably the best known of the cast, previously appearing in the TV series Breaking Bad, and Mom.

The Bottom line: An enjoyable comedy, with some good suspense.

Director:  Jason Headley

Producer:  Kelly Williams, Jonathan Duffy, Red Sanders

Screenwriter: Jason Headley

Cinematographer: Nathan Smith

Editor: Tim Fender

Production Designer: Brittany Ingram

Sound Designer: Eric Friend

Music: Alex Cuervo

Principal Cast: Matt Jones, Eleanore Pienta, Will Rogers, Jonny Mars, Sam Eidson, Jennymarie Jemison

Additional Credits: Co-Producer: Derek D. Brown


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