By Jan Hamilton

Dependable Bill Pullman stars as Lefty Brown, former side-kick to three legends of the Old West, who have all gone on the better things.  Respect, fame and fortune have eluded Lefty, though he does not seem to mind.  Lefty works at the ranch of one of the trio, Edward Johnson (Peter Fonda) who was a sheriff, but who has just been elected to Congress. Edward wants to leave Lefty in charge at the ranch when he leaves for his political job, but his wife Laura (Kathy Baker) thinks Lefty isn’t up to the job. A sudden murder changes everything, and Lefty, who has seen the killer’s face, sets out to bring him to justice.  

Along the way, he runs into a teen runaway (Diego Josef) who has been brought up on dime novels of the trio’s exploits. He reluctantly allows him to come with him, and is also joined by another of the trio, Tom Harrah (Tommy Flanagan) the governor’s right hand man.  The governor, Jimmy Bierce (Jim Caviezel) is, of course, the third member of the famous trio.  The dangers and adventures that the group face make for an enjoyable film.  Will Lefty prove to be as inept as some folks think, or will he rise to the occasion?  A film with a lot of heart and real emotion, the cast is wonderful, especially Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan and newcomer Diego Josef.

The bottom line: An enjoyable return to the Old West, with action, emotion and drama.

Director:  Jared Moshé

Executive Producer:  Niraj Bhatia

Producer:  Edward Parks, Neda Armian, Dan Burks, Jared Moshé

Screenwriter: Jared Moshé

Cinematographer: David McFarland

Editor: Terel Gibson

Production Designer: Eve McCarney

Sound Designer: Bryan Parker

Music: Scott Salinas

Principal Cast: Bill Pullman, Kathy Baker, Jim Caviezel, Tommy Flanagan,

Peter Fonda, Joe Anderson, Diego Josef, Michael Spears, Lewis Pullman, Joseph Anderson

Additional Credits: Co-Producer: Rachel Ward, Co-Producer: Eleanor Nett,

Costume Designer: Jonny Pray, Sound: Heidi Dubose, Consulting Producer: Ryan Lewis, 2nd Unit Director: Dan Burks,

2nd Unit DoP: Ben Verhulst


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