By Jan Hamilton

Most documentaries have lots of footage from the past, plus interviews with various people important to the subject’s life.  This rather delightful doc is different.  Actors are used to play the scenes from the life of George Lazenby, while George himself is telling his story.  An interesting life unfolds, with modesty, bragging and some real emotion from our one-time James Bond.  George explains how he got to the position of being offered the role, and considering where and how he started out, it’s pretty amazing that it ever happened.  

After failing to graduate from high school, George went to work as car mechanic, salesman, and also served in the army.  He falls in love with a girl from the upper class, and he follows her to London when he realizes she is dating someone else. He does a number of different jobs while trying to win her from her rich new boyfriend, and is amazed when he is offered a modeling job.  It seemed that the British public wanted models that were more macho that what they were getting.  How George gets the lead role in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and why he decides not to do any more of the films makes for fascinating viewing.  The cast is uniformly good, but our “George” played by Josh Lawson is charming, funny and wonderful.

The Bottom Line: Go see it, it’s a blast!

Director:  Josh Greenbaum

Producer:  Rafael Marmor, Christopher Leggett, Josh Greenbaum

Screenwriter: Josh Greenbaum

Cinematographer: John Rutland

Editor: Billy McMillin

Production Designer: Caity Birmingham

Music: John Piscitello

Principal Cast: George Lazenby, Josh Lawson, Kassandra Clementi, Jeff Garlin,

Jake Johnson, Jane Seymour, Dana Carvey

Additional Credits: Line Producer: Kourtney Gleason, Casting By: Angela Demo, C.S.A.,

Associate Editor: Terry Yates

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