By Jan Hamilton

Lena Olin plays fictional poet and author Maya Darnel in this film of her last days before she plans to take her own life.  In the story, Maya has gone on NPR to make the announcement that she will leave her money, literary works, and legacy in the hands of the winner of the little contest she proposes.  Only young, male, published authors may apply.  The reason she requests only young males soon is apparent, as sex is one of the requirements too.  The fact that this is a woman, instead of a man, making sexual demands is no less objectionable.  There are also discussions with the applicants to see who really understands work of her lifetime. In between visits, Maya has conversations with a neighbor, Leonora, played by Rosanna Arquette, a strange woman who may be Maya’s only friend.  The contest finally comes down to two young men, one aggressive, the other she calls a momma’s boy.  Who she picks, and why, and what she does then, make up the story.  Though the main character is not likable, she is fascinating. Nathan Keys and Alexander Koch are especially good.

The Bottom Line: An engrossing drama, some twists and turns, a good character study.

Director:  Zachary Cotler, Magdalena Zyzak

Executive Producer:  Craig R. Johnson

Producer:  Mike S. Ryan, Morgan Jon Fox, Dariusz Jablonski,

Violetta Kaminska, Izabela Wojcik

Screenwriter: Zachary Cotler, Magdalena Zyzak

Cinematographer: Patrick Scola

Editor: Osman Bayraktaroglu

Production Designer: Sarah Cole

Sound Designer: Tomasz Dukszta C.A.S.

Music: Zachary Cotler

Principal Cast: Lena Olin, Rosanna Arquette , Jordan Gavaris,

Nathan Keyes, Alexander Koch, Chris Voss

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