SXSW 2017 Review: LANE 1974

By Jan Hamilton

If you saw the very wonderful Captain Fantastic, you know how really great a life lived off the grid can be, although not without problems.  That same type of life, but set in the seventies, is what Lane 1974 presents.  It’s like the dark flip-side of Captain Fantastic, mostly because the children are without a caring parent.  Thirteen year old Lane (Sophia Mitri Schloss) and her younger brother and baby sister are shuttled from camping sites, to RVs, to friend’s houses by their mom Hallelujah.

A part of the hippie generation of the time, Hallelujah (Katherine Moennig) seems unlike her peers.  She can’t seem to get along with anyone, even long-time friends, and the need to keep moving is mostly because of that inability.  Sophia is forced to leave friends and school, and start over.  Mom is interested in drugs and having a great time. After a particular bad string of events, Lane decides to take matters and her future into her own hands.  The young lead, Lane, dominates the picture, with her beautiful and expressive face.  Her mother, Hallelujah, also turns in a wonderful performance, she is unlikable in every way, but is unforgettable.  The movie is loosely based on a true story.

The Bottom Line: This movie is a joy to watch, a reminder that not all the Flower People were happy.

Director:  SJ Chiro

Executive Producer:  Mel Eslyn, SJ Chiro, Nesib Shamah, Amy Shamah

Producer:  Jennessa West

Screenwriter: SJ Chiro, Original story by Clane Hayward

Cinematographer: Sebastien Scandiuzzi

Editor: Celia Beasley

Production Designer: Cassie Miggins, Erin O. Kay

Sound Designer: Berkeley Sound Artists

Music: Jason Staczek

Principal Cast: Sophia Mitri Schloss, Katherine Moennig, Sara Coates, Linas Phillips,

Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sarah-Eve Gazitt, Annette Toutonghi, Harry K. Curtis, Jeremy Harris, Kate Kraay

Additional Credits: Co-producer: Jennifer Mancuso, Co-producer: Jason Richert,

Co-producer: Rob West, Casting: Amey René, CSA, Costume Designer: Ronald Leamon

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