SXSW 2017 Review: LIKE ME

By Jan Hamilton

This is the story of Kiya, a strange and solitary young woman.  She lives her life online, posting herself doing weird things, like chewing huge wads of brightly colored gummy candy with her mouth open.  She has a large following, but she feels she must out do herself each time, so her stunts, which are like performance art, must become more andmore outrageous.  There is harshly critical young man who posts rebukes to everything she does, she takes this criticism very badly.

We watch as she robs a convenience store on camera, and terrorizes the clerk with a fake gun.  He is forced to beg for his life, all for the benefit of her ever larger audience.  When she takes a motel owner hostage, we wonder if maybe she is just lonely, she certainly doesn’t seem to have any friends.  As she heads down a path of destruction we wonder if she will be able to extricate herself in time.  Addison Timlin does an excellent job as Kiya.  Audiences will have some sympathy for her even as she does awful things.

The Bottom Line: This is an unusual film, but one I found fascinating.

Director:  Rob Mockler

Executive Producer:  Peter Phok, Leo Joseph, Anya Joseph,

Anthony Gentile, John Gentile

Producer:  Jenn Wexler, Jessalyn Abbott, Robert Mockler,

James Belfer, Larry Fessenden

Screenwriter: Robert Mockler

Cinematographer: James Siewert

Editor: Robert Mockler, Jessalyn Abbott

Sound Designer: Shawn Duffy

Music: Giona Ostinelli

Principal Cast: Addison Timlin, Ian Nelson, Larry Fessenden,

Jeremy Gardner, Stuart Rudin, Nicolette Pierini

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