SXSW 2017 Review: PREVENGE

By Jan Hamilton

Ruth is a young pregnant woman shattered by the accidental death of her boyfriend some six months earlier.  She hears voices, and the voices are telling her to kill people.  At first the victims are just random people who treat her badly, like the jerk she meets in a bar, and the woman who won’t give her a job because Ruth is pregnant.  Absolutely no one suspects her.  As time goes on, the voice, whom she believes is her unborn child, tells her to avenge the death of her boyfriend.  He died while mountain climbing.  Ruth and the baby are sure it was avoidable by the other members of the climbing group.  When she goes to the apartment of two of the climbers, they do recognize her, and try to tell her the death was an accident.  She is undeterred, and continues on her purge.  Written, directed by and starring Alice Lowe, who actually was pregnant while filming, this is a very unusual horror/comedy film, one that is compelling till the very end.

The Bottom Line: A nifty little thriller, not cut from the usual cloth

Director:  Alice Lowe

Executive Producer:  Vaughan Sivell, Will Kane, Franki Goodwin,

Mike Rattenbury, Mike Shirley, Andrew Thomas

Producer:  Vaughan Sivell, Jennifer Handorf, Will Kane

Screenwriter: Alice Lowe

Cinematographer: Ryan Eddleston

Editor: Matteo Bini

Production Designer: Blair Barnette

Sound Designer: Martin Pavey

Music: Toydrum: Pablo Clements, James Griffith

Principal Cast: Alice Lowe, Dan Renton Skinner, Jo Hartley,

Tom Davis, Leila Hoffman, Kate Dickie, Kayvan Novak,

Mike Wozniak, Tom Meeten, Gemma Whelan


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