By Jan Hamilton

Parker Smith is a young filmmaker who lives in Austin.  In this documentary film, he goes online to locate an inexpensive used movie camera for his projects. What he buys is a barely used camera with a tape still in it.  When he plays the tape he finds connections to his life, so he sets off for New Jersey to interview the person in the tape, a once famous bodybuilder named Gregg Valentino.  Traveling with his very intelligent cat, he makes the journey north.  On the trip we get flashbacks to Parker’s life with his family, as they dealt with his two sisters’ life threatening conditions. This is a compelling and interesting film, with an unusual mix of subjects.

The bottom line: I recommend this as something very different from anything you’ve ever seen.

Director:  Parker Smith

Executive Producer:  Ralph Zipper

Producer:  Glen Zipper, Kate Logan, Sean Stuart

Cinematographer: Parker Smith

Editor: Parker Smith

Music: Sion Dey

Principal Cast: Parker Smith, Gregg Valentino

Additional Credits: Co-Executive Producer: Darrin Roberts


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