By Jan Hamilton

Each morning Hussein (Mim Shaikh) wakes in his London flat and prepares for his day at work as a real estate agent for a crooked firm, his job is to skin as many foreigners as possible. After he leaves, a skeleton of a man (Javier Botet) emerges from a small space between the walls of the closet. This man, Orian, uses Hussein’s toothbrush, and generally makes himself at home, eating just a tiny amount so as not to be discovered. Over time we see him doing stranger and stranger things, and we wonder why, because surely he will be found out. When Hussein’s girlfriend Mel (Mandeep Dhillon) returns from her vacation abroad, things get worse. Her shampoo and lotions are replaced by toxic chemicals, many other mix ups happen. The couple starts bickering, each blaming the other, because no one else could be responsible, no one else lives there. Things spin out of control, and as the story plays out, we learn the terrible and tragic reason for the “visitor”.

The bottom line: a unique and enthralling movie of revenge.

Director:  Dominic Bridges
Executive Producer:  Alexandra Stone, Chris Reynolds,
Samantha Horley
Producer:  Matt Hichens, Simon Mallinson, Lisa Lake
Screenwriter: Rae Brunton
Cinematographer: Ben Moulden
Editor: Owen Oppenheimer
Production Designer: Richard Selway
Sound Designer: Luke O’Connell
Music: Tom Vek
Principal Cast: Mim Shaikh, Javier Botet, Mandeep Dhillon,
Kola Bokinni, Michael McKella
Additional Credits: 1st AD: Paul McCann,
Casting Director : Kharmel Corchrane,
Costume Designer : Georgina Napier,
Production Sound Mixer: Nigel Albermaniche,
Make Up : Laura Jane Sessions ,
Continuity : Naomi Marvelly,
Art Director: David Dickinson


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