By Jan Hamilton

Director: Nick Gillespie, Screenwriters: Brook Driver, Matt White, Nick Gillespie, Producer: Finn Bruce
When Paul’s chances of winning a national talent contest are ruined and his dreams of fame are slashed, he plans a deathly revenge rampage!! 1 lunch break, 5 spectacular murders! Each wrongdoer dispatched in a fitting manner by the sparkly suited Paul! Cast List: Tom Meeten, Katherine Parkinson, Kris Marshall, Alice Lowe, Mandeep Dhillon, Johnny Vegas, Steve Oram, Craig Parkinson, Kevin Bishop, Pippa Haywood (World Premiere)

Middle aged Paul Dood is probably the most confident and least talented person you will ever see. He works at a re-sale clothing shop in a small British Town. His life’s dream is to win on the national talent search show, Trend Ladder. He realizes that auditions are that day. His boss at work, Bruce, unnecessarily delays him but he hurries home to get his costume and his elderly mother Julie (his biggest fan). In trying to make the contest on time, they incur every possible obstacle. They miss the train to town, wait and miss the next train because the railroad employee wont get the ramp for Julie’s wheelchair placed in time. They need water for Julie’s heart pills, while a restaurant owner insists on a time wasting tea ceremony first.

 I was not familiar with the cast of the movie, but I understand they are well know in the UK for a variety of programs. I have to admit I had low expectations when the film started, but I was surprised and delighted by the end. It was a warm, funny, poignant film that I believe most anyone would like.

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