From Indie filmmaker Jeff Baena (The Little Hours, I Heart Huckabees) comes a sweet and charming comedy film that follows a woman in a dead-end job, searching for more meaning and purpose in her life. Allison Brie stars as Amber, a manager of a big chain Italian restaurant (strikingly similar to Olive Garden) who has reached a crossroads in her life where she is ready for new and exciting things. When she gets offered an opportunity to travel to Italy for a corporate work retreat in Italy, this seems to be exactly what she needs. However, she soon discovers that this trip is simply part of one of the main problems in her life–her dead-end job.

With smart writing and great performances by the entire cast, Spin Me Round is absolutely lovable, funny, and very relatable. In addition to Allison Brie, who comfortably and exceptionally portrays protagonist Amber, the film has a great cast, all of whom portrays their characters well. In addition, the movie feature actors Aubrey Plaza, Alessandro Nivola, Molly Shannon, Lil Rel Howery, Tim Heidecker, Fred Armisen, and several others. I particularly enjoyed Alessandro Nivola as Nick Martucci, the creator and figurehead of the Italian restaurant franchise, who takes a strong liking to Amber, and proceeds to seduce her. I also loved Aubrey Plaza and Molly Shannon in this. Plaza plays the no-nonsense Kat, who serves as Nick Martucci’s assistant and driver. Shannon portrays the hilarious unhinged Deb, another attendee of the retreat.

I am not exactly sure whe Spin Me Round will get released, but it is a movie I highly recommend.

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