After getting revealed and called out as a phony, internet personality Shawn Ruddy (writer/director/actor Joseph Winter) hopes to redeem his reputation by spending the night in an infamously haunted and live streaming his experience. Ruddy gets more than he expects when the legends prove to be true. What follows is Shawn’s desperate attempts to survive, while still attempting to salvage his already tarnished reputation.

I had an absolute blast with this movie. Joseph Winter, who wears multiple hats in the making of this film succeeds in so many levels. The filmmaker delivers a darkly comedic take on the world’s current situation with pop culture and online influencers, but also offers his audiences a thrilling and fun experience in the process. In addition to Winter’s gonzo performance, that works so tremdously well, the movie features great turns by Melanie Stone, Jason K. Wixom, and several others.

This movie is definitely a vibrant passion project for Joseph Winter, who co-directed and co-wrote with his wife Vanessa. The two filmmakers very graciously and intelligently discussed their movie at their screening at SXSW, and obviously are very talented filmmakers. I hope to see more from them in the future.

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