The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’s title sums it up. Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal star in this laugh-out-loud, utterly silly, action-packed homage to Cage himself. Director/co-writer Tom Gormican with Kevin Etten has created a wild and hilarious farce with leads who have excellent and excitingly entertaining chemistry. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent pleases on multiple levels, riddled with zingers, action, and delightful characters.

Cage stars himself in this satirical spoof – buddy film – alongside Pascal (Javi Gutierrez) as a suspected drug lord whose birthday party Cage agrees to attend. Cage is still looking for the “role of a lifetime” while his personal life crumbles and the offers dwindle – he’s in debt and struggling. Unlike the actual Cage, his fictionalized self is in dire straits and needs a boost – since his wife left him, his daughter dislikes him, and he’s been locked out of his high-dollar hotel. His agent, Neal Patrick Harris, convinces him to take the million dollars offered for the party appearance. Tiffany Hadish (Vivian) plays an FBI agent surveilling Javi, who allegedly kidnapped a politician’s teen daughter to sway an election. Vivian and her partner enlist Cage to spy on Javi, Cage’s biggest fan. Cage and Javi bond quickly, and their relationship fuels the film and provides some wonderful laughs.

Cage proves that he is fully capable of making fun of himself – a job he handles with all the heedless earnestness he can gather, giving us a fabulous look at the man and the actor. Pascal shows a wonderful comedic side, and together they make every moment of the film engaging. Above and beyond the meta-fictional games, this conventional comic pairing provides the focal point for Cage to truly grandstand and shine. Pascal, however, more quietly, holds his own and shines just as brightly. They are funny, flashy, and frankly, fiercely fantastic.

Anyone who loves Nicholas Cage will love the Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. And who doesn’t love Nick Cage? References to several other Cage films will delight fans and leave them wanting more. Javi and Nick on acid, Nick smooching a young version of Nick, high-speed chases, gunplay, and excellent character-driven storytelling make the film a must-see and make it easy to put four stars on the board.

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