A girl from Plainville, Massachusetts, made headlines, and the series A Girl from Plainville chronicles the tale of Michelle Carter, a young woman who encouraged her boyfriend Conrad “Coco” Roy III to get back in his truck and kill himself. A Girl from Plainville takes viewers inside the lives of Michelle, Conrad, and their families, caught in the wake of a precedent-setting trial that shocked the nation. The limited-run show, which will air on Hulu, stars Ella Fanning, Chloë Sevigny, and Colton Ryan.

Fanning shines in this, demonstrating her prowess as an actress and mesmerizing her audience with her portrayal of Michelle. Conrad (Ryan) suffers from anxiety and depression, and Michelle, too, struggles with emotional issues – both broken people. They meet by chance and strike up a relationship despite the hour distance between their homes. Most of their relationship transpires through texts and phone calls – data that became the evidence that would eventually bring Michelle into the spotlight.

Simply put, the cast is phenomenal! The cast and their performance elevate A Girl from Plainville above tabloid media sensationalism. What was social media fodder is made into a profound, solemn, and heartbreaking tale of two lost souls who feed each other’s weakness and the families destroyed by their choices. The story is real, and this cast makes it all the more so – hitting home with many serious and frightening issues relevant and notable in current teen culture.

I have come to love and appreciate limited series. They allow for more extended exploration than a film, and there is no risk of premature subsequent season cancellation, which always leads to frustration. A Girl from Plainville entertains from start to finish, and the tease I got at SXSW will lead me straight to Hulu to see how it plays out. We know the truth, but this telling, how it is told, and the outstanding actors make A Girl from Plainville a must-see. It easily earns five stars!

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