By Liz Lopez

Rating: C+

Directed by James Cullen Bressack and written by Ross Peacock, this action crime thriller is ambitious in its efforts to tell another story about the law enforcement efforts to pull off a drug bust. The intention is there, but the script really lacks anything new that hasn’t been done in previous stories. I am not wholly trashing the film as it has a few good points, but it certainly does have some characters making some very bad choices including detective David (Bruce Willis) and his much less tenured partner, Cal (Swen Temmel). Unfortunately, in the opening scene when the drug bust is initiated, both David and Cal aren’t smart in their choice of where to position themselves and don’t seem to be the best marksmen for as many bullets are fired. David (Willis) is injured and captured, yet encourages Cal to pursue two of the dealers, romantic partners Mickey (Zack Ward) and Violet (Kate Katzman). Cal’s pursuit of the two criminals lead to private property, a remote farm owned by a former vet and recent widower, Eric (Murray).

I don’t know how much humor was intended to be interjected in this drama, but some of the criminals have some absurd behaviors. It made me wonder how Mickey’s boss that arrives with more thugs and a wounded David, Frank (Michael Sirow), would even bother to hire such dorks. Most crime leaders in other films don’t give them second chances to carry out orders.

Eric and Cal escape from Mickey and Violet and many scenes of hide and seek occur on the farm. Cal shows off his ability to take a few hired attackers down and even without a gun to not draw attention back at the house. Frank’s boss, the head of the entire operation now run by the son, Michael (Kristos Andrews) is David’s old nemesis and is not happy at the way things are going. David may be wounded, but when it comes time to capture the head guy, Bruce’s character predictably takes him down.

If you are looking for some entertainment that doesn’t require a lot of thought and you don’t mind predictability in the story, then enjoy Bruce as he gives his menacing looks and usual action abilities.

Run Time: 97 minutes | Rating: R

Available in select theaters (the Galaxy in Austin), on Apple TV and Everywhere You Rent Movies on October 8th.  It will also become available on Blu-ray and DVD on October 12th.


Source: Lionsgate

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